Fall Photography in the Shenandoah Valley


It should come as no surprise the fall is one of the most photographed times of year. From professional photographers to casual passers-by with a camera phone, almost everyone is eager to capture the colorful brilliance of autumn. The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia happens to be a particularly picturesque locale for your photography, so grab your camera, book your room at one of our BBHSV Inns, and let these tips help you get started:

Take photos at sunrise and sunset.
“The first and last hours of sun during the day (the times right around both sunrise and sunset) have a brilliant quality to the light that can yield great photos” (PhotoJojo).

Use water in your photography.
“Still water in lakes and lochs is ideal for capturing reflections. If you get down to the water’s edge you can create sublime, symmetrical compositions, with the landscape occupying the top half of the shot and its reflection filling the foreground” (DigitalCameraWorld).

Use subtleties.
“Consider some close-ups that are related to autumn but not to the season’s bright colors, like the image of mushrooms growing on the side of a tree, or the photo of a milkweed seed pod with seeds being dispersed by the wind…Fall color is an excuse to go out in the woods; it doesn’t mean that everything you photograph has to be defined by colorful leaves” (NikonUSA).

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