Welcome to Hill Crest Bed & Breakfast

hill crestHill Crest, completed in 1912, was built by successful local meat and produce businessman, Adam Oscar Surber. In the 1920s, Hill Crest was sold to Dr. John M. Emmett, Chief of Surgery at the C&O Railway Hospital. Dr. Emmett extensively remodeled the home in 1935, adding two wings on the sides and rear of the home, as well as a three-bay carriage house with apartment, and acres of formal English gardens.

Hill Crest is a two-story home on 2.82 acres. Featuring stunning Greek Revival architecture, Hill Crest has four massive 20-foot columns supporting a classic portico with brilliant white trim contrasting against red brick. Situated at the top of the city’s most prestigious street, Hill Crest’s 64-foot wraparound porch offers a commanding view of the city and the surrounding mountains. Hill Crest has 24 rooms on 4 levels, and approximately 5,800 square feet of finished living space.

Hill Crest also features a 40,000-gallon in-ground pool, beautiful gardens, stone retaining walls from the 1900s, majestic trees for privacy and intimacy, and 100-year-old English boxwoods.

By the Side of the Road Inn & Cottages

by the side of the roadBuilt in the late 18th century, By the Side of the Road Inn & Cottages is one of the top-rated inns in the Historic Shenandoah Valley, and it’s located literally by the side of the road.

Located just minutes from Downtown Harrisonburg, the bed and breakfast and has been meticulously preserved. Guests return time and again to experience the comfort and intimacy of four suites located in the Manor House and five luxurious cottages.

The location is ideal to experience all of the best Harrisonburg restaurants and other fantastic things to do in Harrisonburg and nearby.


Top attractions: By the Side of the Road Inn & Cottages

More online at www.bythesideoftheroad.com.

Fox Hill Bed & Breakfast, Fairfield, VA

Fox Hill Bed & Breakfast and Cottage Suites is a BBHSV member inn located in Fairfield, Virginia. This 38-acre “country retreat” is nestled in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and features a number of onsite activities to renew and refresh you on your brief escape from the real world: “Stroll in the shade along our spring-fed stream as the bluebirds swoop by, feed the goldfish in our two-tier garden pond while listening to the cascading waters, and wander in our lovely gardens. When you are ready for more activity, you can romp in the meadows with your favorite companions…or bring your plane and take advantage of our wide-open spaces and private RC airfield” (FoxHillBB.com).

181568_190233520999216_7280_nCurl up and relax in your very own room—The Devon, The Cornwall, or the Merrifield—or cottage suite—the Heron’s Nest, Mountain View, or Fox’s Den—and awake to a three-course gourmet breakfast, which TripAdvisor reviewers have called “scrumptious,” “healthy and delicious,” and “perfect for a long day of activity.”

One of the most popular aspects of Fox Hill is its pet-friendly accommodations. Innkeepers Sue and Mark Erwin love dogs, and they have made their establishment the perfect respite for both you and your furry friends. Hampton Roads Magazine even named Fox Hill as a favorite “doggie destination” in the Shenandoah Valley. For more information about Fox Hill’s pet-friendly activities and requirements, click here.

188753_196043673751534_1614687_nAs with all of the BBHSV’s member inns, Fox Hill is situated in an area with a wealth of activity. From hiking trails and scenic drives to historic sites and wine tasting, the Shenandoah Valley is at your service. Click here to check availability and make your reservation at Fox Hill B&B.